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Our Research Mission

To be the preferred and first place that public and private sector organizations come for rigorous, relevant, and high quality research that enables them to improve the practice of management and the performance of their projects and organizations.


Our Research Philosophy

IIM inspires to be the leader in management research in Pakistan and assist public and private sector organizations through rigorous and relevant research. We have been helping businesses, corporations, NGOs, and public sector organizations learn and succeed by transforming knowledge into action. A combination of rigorous research and inspirational teaching is at the heart of everything that we do. We are dedicated to creating responsible management thinking, improving business performance and inspiring business leaders to make a real impact in their organizations.

Our faculty, research associates, and visiting scholars from around the world focus on the following areas of research:


- Organization studies
- Human resource development
- Social issues related to drugs, crime, child labor, and others
- Corporate strategy
- Project management in public and private sector
- Monitoring & Evaluation of social and public sector projects
- Financial and economic reforms
- Public policy reforms
- Legal reforms
- Literacy
- National culture and leadership
- Innovation and technology
- Governance in corporate and public sector
- Social entrepreneurship
- Environment
- Gender equality and others


Our Key Publications:

- Sheikh, R.A. and Muller, R. (2012). The Relationship between Culturally Endorsed Leadership Theory (CLT) Factors and Project Success: A Literature Review. Published and Presented at Project Management Institute Replica Balenciaga Handbags (PMI) Research & Education Conference, Ireland, July 2012.

- Sheikh, R.A., and Khan, K.A. (2011). “Software Technology Park: Selecting Contract Type and Contractor.” Lahore University of Management Sciences, January 2011. 

- Pasha, H.A., Ismail, Z.I., Sheikh, R.A., Iqbal, A., and Imran, M. (2011). Analysis & Review of Public Sector Development Program. Planning Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan. 

- Sheikh, R.A.,best replica watches and Khan, K.A. (2010). Managing Public Sector Construction Projects in Turbulent Environment, Published in International Academy of Management & Business (IAMB) Global Conference in Madrid, Spain June 28th – June 30th, 2010. 

- Khan, K. A. (2007). Project Management Reform Experience in a Public Sector Environment. Paper presented at the PMI Global Congress 2007 - North America, Atlanta, USA. 

- Sheikh, R.A., and Khan, K.A. (2005). Mall-Canal Underpass Case Study – How to Manage Public Sector Construction Projects Successfully in South Asia, Published & Presented at PMI Global Congress 2005 in Singapore.

- Khan, K. A.,www.paywatches.net and Sheikh, R.A. (2005) Project Management in Government of Pakistan, Published & Presented at PMI Global Congress 2005 – Asia Pacific, Singapore.